Writing and Ending a Series with Gabriela Pereira & Sebastien de Castell




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Episode 162 Original Air date: Aug 30, 2017 Length: 1 hr 

From diy MFA Podcast hosted by Gabriela Pereira

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Sebastien De Castell


Sebastien De Castell is the author of the Greatcoats series and Spellslinger series.



Traitors Blade




Knights Shadow




Saints blood





Tyrants Throne





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decastell.com | Amazon | Goodreads |

Facebook | Twitter

The Story Blender Podcast: With Special guest Mark Bomback

Story blender image

“The art of the story is all in the blend”



The Story Blender Podcast

With Bestselling author and host Steven James



A podcast talk with premier storytellers around the country. Novelists, comedians, film makers, and artists.



Please welcome Special guest Mark Bomback


 Click  //percolate.blogtalkradio.com/offsiteplayer?hostId=137491&episodeId=10166985


See Steven James Books



Every Deadly Kiss Steven James






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