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About the Audiobook
Author: Michelle Madow
Narrator: Andrea Emmes
Length: 12 hours 57 minutes (Box set)
Publisher: Dreamscape Publishing 2017
Genre: Clean Romance
Series: The Transcend Time Saga, Books 1-2
Release date: Aug. 25, 2017
Synopsis: Lizzie Davenport has been reincarnated from 1815, England… but she doesn’t realize it until she meets her soul mate from the past and he triggers her memories to gradually return. The series began with Remembrance, was followed by the short story Vengeance, and concluded with Timeless. The series has sold a significant number of copies, and has received much praise from reviewers. Read all three parts together in this special box set!




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Michelle Madow is a USA Today bestselling author of fast paced fantasy novels that will leave you turning the pages wanting more! She grew up in Maryland and now lives in Florida. Some of her favorite things are: reading, traveling, pizza, time travel, Broadway musicals, and spending time with friends and family. Someday, she hopes to travel the world for a year on a cruise ship.






My review:

I found the plot for this book to be really striking so I decided to give it a try,  and guess what? Michelle Madow doesn’t disappoint! Great writing combined with good characters with a sensational plot make for a compelling story. Narrator Andrea Emmes does a phenomenal job of bringing this story to life and there was never a dull moment!

Four golden stars isolated on white background





Andrea Emmes



  • Narrator-Story Connection: 10/10

Andrea is a very skilled narrator who sucked me right into the story from the moment I pressed play. Literally. That’s the result of a great narrator who are so enveloped in the story they pull you right in. Excellent.


  • Voice Switch Over:  10/10

Andrea’s switching back and forth from the narrative voice to each character in the story was flawless. Even the switching back and forth between male and female voices. Elizabeth (Lizzy), Drew,  Chelsea, Jeremy and all the minor characters were pretty entertaining.


  • Pacing 10/10

This is a strong point to note. Andrea narrates with such youthful energy, charisma and passion it’s impossible not to enjoy the story. The pacing was great. A bit faster than my preference but that made me pay more attention than usual.


  • Emphasis 9/10

Very skilled in emphasizing emotion, personality, critical parts of the story that you wouldn’t appreciate just by reading. Subtle nuances between each characters disposition were deepened because of it. You can’t ask for more from your narrator!


  • Reader-Story Connection 10/10

I gave this a ten because I was completey sucked into the story right from the beginning. That’s how I KNOW the narrator has done their job well. I don’t see them, I see the story in all its glory. Excellent.


  • Sound Quality: 10/10

Publisher: Dreamscape Publishing


  • Overall Performance: 10/10

High five Andrea, you nailed it!  I largely chose this series because of you. Rock on, sister.


Check out the interview with Andrea Emmes








About the Narrator: Andrea Emmes

Audible Best Selling Narrator, Andrea Emmes was born in Hollywood, FL and grew up in both Tennessee and Rhode Island, started her career in musical theater. Cutting her teeth at The Trinity Arts Center in Rhode Island, Andrea eventually made her way to Orlando and began her eclectic career singing/dancing in various shows at Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Pirates’ Dinner Adventure, performing as a magician’s assistant, headlining on the Las Vegas Strip and touring Los Angeles as an L.A. Award winning artist with her album,”I’m On My Way”. Having worked in tv, film and video games, Andrea, a total Book Nerd, now enjoys narrating audiobooks at her home studio in San Jose, California. Her wide range of character voices and dynamic/emotionally invested performances has reviewers and listeners alike commenting on how she effortlessly pulls listeners in, and has versatility and charisma.





A special thank you to Jess from Audiobookworm Promotions for organizing this blog tour and providing a complimentary copy for review purposes.  It was a blast.



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Audiobook Blog Tour: The Punch Escrow

The Punch Escrow






About the Audiobook

Author: Tal M. Klein

Narrator: Matthew Mercer

Length: 8 hours 42 minutes

Publisher: Audible Studios⎮2017

Genre: Technothriller

Release date: Jul. 25, 2017

Synopsis: It’s the year 2147. Advancements in nanotechnology have enabled us to control aging. We’ve genetically engineered mosquitoes to feast on carbon fumes instead of blood, ending air pollution. And teleportation has become the ideal mode of transportation, offered exclusively by International Transport—a secretive firm headquartered in New York City. Their slogan: Departure… Arrival… Delight!

Joel Byram, our smartass protagonist, is an everyday twenty-second century guy. He spends his days training artificial intelligence engines to act more human, jamming out to 1980’s new wave—an extremely obscure genre, and trying to salvage his deteriorating marriage. Joel is pretty much an everyday guy with everyday problems—until he’s accidentally duplicated while teleporting.

Now Joel must outsmart the shadowy organization that controls teleportation, outrun the religious sect out to destroy it, and find a way to get back to the woman he loves in a world that now has two of him.


Audio excerpt




Interview with Author Tal M. Klein







What was it like writing your first book?

Probably the third hardest thing I’ve ever done, behind parenthood, and having to fire someone.


Why hard science fiction?

I don’t have a good reason for that. I sort of fell into it. I’ve never gotten great grades in science, but always enjoyed hard science fiction books. I like to say, “I’m not a scientist, I’m just friends with a lot of them.” The genre sort of found me. Once it did, I did my best to stay true to it.



Science fiction




Who is Joel Byram?

He’s just this guy in the 22nd century, y’know. He’s a slacker king. He loves his wife, loves his life, and enjoys the status quo-ness of everything. Then his world falls apart and he’s forced to fight for everything he’s always taken for granted.


What does he truly care about?

After all is said and done, his wife’s love is the most important thing to Joel.


Describe a few things you learned while researching this book.

Oh man, I learned so much! Learning that the Mona Lisa has an older sister was incredible. A lot of the scientific innovations in the book just shocked me. I couldn’t believe we were already teleporting photons—isn’t crazy we’re already living in the age of teleportation? And the amazing stuff Oxitec is doing to solve mosquito-borne illnesses with CRISPR. We’re living in the future!


If you could teleport anywhere where would you go?

I’m on the road right now, so I’d probably teleport home. Sorry, I know it’s a lame answer, but I get homesick a lot.



Teleport with financial screens



Name a few things that helped you learn how to write.

I owe a lot to Blake Snyder’s Save The Cat and Robert McKee’s On Writing. These two methods have truly improved my writing exponentially. Most importantly: my wife! I owe the voice of every female character in my book to her.


What would you do if there were two of you?

We’d have to live in different countries. I’m pretty sure we’d be fighting all the time if forced to be in close proximity to each other.


Who are your favorite authors?

Larry Niven, Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Scott Meyer, Robert Kroese.


What’s next for you?

The Punch Escrow sequel!







About the Author: Tal M. Klein

Tal M. Klein was born in Israel, grew up in New York, and currently lives in Detroit with his wife and two daughters. When she was five years old, his daughter Iris wrote a book called I’m a Bunch of Dinosaurs that went on to become one of the most successful children’s book projects on Kickstarter ―something that Tal explained to Iris by telling her, “your book made lots of kids happy.” Iris then asked Tal, “Daddy, why don’t you write a book that makes lots of grownups happy?” Tal mulled this over for a few years, and eventually wrote his first book, The Punch Escrow. It won the Inkshares Geek & Sundry Hard Science Fiction publishing contest, and is the first book published on the Geek & Sundry imprint.





TPE Teaser2




My Review

This was one entertaining read for a debut book. Author Tal M. Klein is very bright, witty, with brilliant plotting and is an excellent source of technology. I laughed out loud several times while listening to this book.

The concept for this book is not only original, but fascinating. The ability craft it into a workable story, then deliver it on the page speaks to the skilled potential that lies behind the pen. Looking forward to the sequel.


My rating

Five golden stars isolated on white background





Matthew Mercer


  • Narrator-Story Connection: 8/10

Narrator Matthew Mercer did a phenomenal job for his first audiobook! Amazing. He embodied the story perfectly and remained transparent throughout the book, which isn’t an easy job. It’ll be interesting to see what else he’ll accomplish down the road.


  • Voice Switch Over:  10/10

Some of the voices that Mercer was able to come up with were excellent, entertaining and impressive! I personally enjoyed the voice for the character Taraval. The switchback from narrative voice of Joel to other characters was superb. Hard to believe this was his first audiobook. The voices for artificial intelligence were also very notable.


  • Pacing 8/10

Pacing throughout the story was great. Clear and understandable.


  • Emphasis 8/10

This is also an area where great narrators are separated from the rest of the pack. The know where to place the right amount of emphasis, and gives place to creativity to enliven the story. There were flashes of brilliance that totally brought the characters alive, especially during conflict, and emotional tension.


  • Reader-Story Connection 10/10

This is where I judge how well the narrator ushers me into the story based upon their performance. I say again, Mercer has the skill to do the job. I gave him a high rating because he embodied the characters so well, and remained a transparent medium through which the reader can connect to the story. Awesome. Hats off to Matthew Mercer.


  • Sound Quality: 10/10

Produced by Audible Studios. Excellent sound quality.


  • Overall Performance: 8/10

Very satisfied with this performance and recommended to listen.




recommended vintage orange seal isolated on white










About the Narrator: Matthew Mercer

Matthew Christopher Miller, known professionally as Matthew Mercer or Matt Mercer, is an American voice actor involved in English dubs of Japanese anime as well as cartoons, films and video games. In anime shows, he voiced Levi in Attack on Titan, Kiritsugu Emiya in Fate/Zero, Kanji Tatsumi for episodes 13-26 in Persona 4: The Animation and Trafalgar Law in the Funimation dub of One Piece. In video games, he voices Leon S. Kennedy in the Resident Evil series, Jack Cooper in Titanfall 2, Chrom in Fire Emblem Awakening, McCree in Overwatch, MacCready in Fallout 4 and Yusuke Kitagawa in Persona 5. In addition to voice-over, Mercer has developed some live-action web series including a Nintendo character parody called “There Will Be Brawl” and the famous Geek & Sundry and Alpha Dungeons & Dragons gaming session show “Critical Role.” The Punch Escrow is his first audiobook.




I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Tal M. Klein. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.





Benjamin Thomas



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Audiobook Review: Dark Territory the Secret History of Cyber War

Dark Territory





Book Blurb

As cyber attacks dominate front-page news, as hackers join the list of global threats, and as top generals warn of a coming cyber war, few books are more timely and enlightening than Dark Territory: The Secret History of Cyber War by Slate columnist and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Fred Kaplan.

Kaplan probes the inner corridors of the National Security Agency, the beyond-top-secret cyber units in the Pentagon, the “information warfare” squads of the military services, and the national security debates in the White House to tell this never-before-told story of the officers, policymakers, scientists, and spies who devised this new form of warfare and who have been planning – and, more often than people know, fighting – these wars for decades.

From the 1991 Gulf War to conflicts in Haiti, Serbia, Syria, the former Soviet republics, Iraq, and Iran, where cyber warfare played a significant role, Dark Territory chronicles, in fascinating detail, an unknown past that shines an unsettling light on our future.

©2016 Fred Kaplan (P)2016 Blackstone Audio, Inc.



Book Review

This was quite an interesting book. The Secret history of cyber war, behind the scenes with the NSA, military officials, and government bigwigs said a lot. The overall undertone I picked up from the author was that the government officials took somewhat of a passive role responding to the vulnerabilities of critical infrastructure and realizing the threat of cyber warfare. Then again we did launch the first digital weapon against the Iranians with their nuclear devices. But that’s still different than protecting our countries computer networks, whether military or private sector, and still has proven to be a slippery topic.

They also talked about the difficulties measuring what would be an appropriate response to a cyber attack. Policies that would gauge what constitutes an act of war? Very challenging. Even coming to the new realization of a “cyber war” versus the traditional boots-on-the-ground war, has been slow. Not to mention detecting, tracking, pursuing a new type of enemy who’s​ virtually invisible and impossible to find. 

Fascinating topic and a great book. Hats off to Fred Kaplan.




microphone narrator







 Malcolm Hillgartner


  • Narrator-Story Connection: 10/10

Hillgartner does an excellent job taking the reins in this one. It’s not easy narrating nonfiction, or making it interesting in a way that doesn’t lose listeners. Hillgartner is a win in this category. 

  • Voice Switch Over: NA. There’s no purpose for voice switching in nonfiction. 


  • Pacing 8/10

The pace was even, steady throughout the book, but a tad fast for my taste. The subject matter had a lot do with this. It’s packed with information about the history of Cyber operations, government response, and military jargon. I also forgot you can change the pace digitally through the audible app.

  • Emphasis 10/10

Considering the subject matter, Hillgartner is spot on for emphasis. This was a big reason I enjoyed the audiobook. For me to spend 9 hours listening to dense nonfiction there better be a good reason for it. Hillgartner, here, again fits the bill. Heck, he even makes it seem easy!


  • Reader-Story Connection 10/10

This is where I connect to the story, or in this case, subject matter, through the narrator. Hillgartner absolutely knocks this one out of the ballpark. I probably like the book even more because of him. 

Sound Quality: 10/10

Publisher Blackstone Audio, Inc. They’re one of my favorite publishers on the planet because they produce quality work. Sound quality was premium. 

Overall Performance: 10/10

The entire production deserves a 10 from me. I’m even considering relistening to the whole thing again. 




Malcolm Hillgartner also narrates Dunkirk


Dunkirk Audible



See you soon!!

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