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Thanks for checking out the site. I’m an audiobook enthusiast, book blogger, reviewer, poet, writer. Stick around and enjoy book news, interviews, audiobook reviews, and podcasts.



“Someone needs to buy a radio station, then play nothing but audio books, with a different genre of book played at set times. That way we can always have something new to read, no matter where we are.” ~ Shana Chartier



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-Benjamin Thomas

One thought on “About AudioSpy

  1. Love the new site, Benjamin! Your synopsis of the story followed by a step-by-step breakdown of the narrator’s performance is wonderful. As an audiobook narrator, I know very well that everyone listens for different reasons and I respect that. Your objective approach makes it easy for listeners to decide whether or not a particular book is one they might enjoy listening to based on their individual preferences. I look forward to reading more reviews. Bravo!

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