Audiobook Review: The Innocent by Taylor Stevens


Vanessa Michael Munroe—the fearless heroine of the New York Times bestseller The Informationist—returns in a gripping new thriller.

Eight years ago, five-year old Hannah was spirited out of school and into the closed world of a cult known as The Chosen. Ever since, followers of its leader have hidden the child and shielded her abductor. Now, childhood survivors of The Chosen who have escaped to make a life for themselves on the outside know here to find Hannah and turn to Vanessa Michael Munroe for help. Munroe reluctantly takes the job, and travels to Buenos Aires to infiltrate the cult and save the girl. Inducted in to a world unlike anything she has faced before, Munroe must navigate unpredictable members and their dangerous cohorts, the impatient survivors who hired her, and the struggle against her own increasingly violent nature so she can rescue the child before the window of opportunity closes and Hannah is lost forever.

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  • Narrator-Story Connection: 10/10

Hillary Huber is fully locked into the story which makes it easy to access it through her. 

  • Voice Creation/Switch Over: 10/10

The voice creation and characterizations were pretty impressive. Namely Vanessa “Michael” Munroe and Miles Bradford. I found myself in a trance while listening to these characters point of view. The male voice of Bradford was also very good. 

  • Pacing 8/10

The pacing was a bit slow for my taste, but did fit the smooth, seductive, personality of Munroe. Once I got used to it it wasn’t a problem at all. 

  • Emphasis 8/10

These are the subtle things that bring out the personality of each character. Whether its tone, inflection, accent, etc. Huber does an excellent job here. 

  • Reader-Story Connection  9/10

Huber intertwines herself with Michael and sucks you into her ultra-seductive style. I wasn’t sure if she was just in character, or demonstrating her style of narration. Either way, it worked!

  • Emotional Intensity  7/10

The display of emotion was fitting throughout the story and in response to events in the book. Huber gives just enough to make an impact on the reader without being melodramatic. 

  • Sound Quality: 10/10

Publisher:  Random House Audio

  • Overall Performance: 9/10

Once I got used to Hillary Huber’s narration it was lights out. It got me hooked until the last page. Now I’m on to book #3 in the series, THE DOLL.

Taylor Stevens

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